Abhilash's rescue

From CNN Video of the rescue of Commander Abhilash Tomy and the story behind it.

Sky news

"Sailor Abhilash Tomy has been rescued as part of an international effort after suffering from a crippling back injury which left him unable to move during the Golden Globe Race."

Setting SAIL ON THE MHaedi

INSV Mhadei along with it's young young skipper Lt Cdr Abhilash Tomy being flagged off from Mumbai on the 01st November 2012 as part of his  solo non stop circumnavigation 

"What 151 days around the globe by boat taught me" 2013

Lt Cdr Abhilash Tomy is the first Indian and the 79th person in the world to perform a successful solo and nonstop circumnavigation of the globe under sail. He embarked on his journey from Mumbai on 01 November 12 and returned after spending 150 days at sea during which time he covered 23000 nautical miles in a sail boat, sailing south of the five great capes of the Southern Hemisphere he is also a reconnaissance pilot with the Indian Navy

2018 09 22nd "Abhilash safe"

"Indian Navy's Abhilash Tommy injured: Marked safe after storm hits yacht" From  Asianet News  

2018 01 14th

From Mint 14th January 2018 "Abhilash Tomy, the first Indian to sail around the world non-stop, will attempt to sail around the globe again, as a in the 50th anniversary GGR." 

Meet lt. cmdr. Tomy,1st Indian to sail solo around the world

 It took Lt Commander Abhilash Tomy 150 days to cover the distance of 40,000 km without an engine. He battled waves 10 metre high and wind speeds of 100 kmph. 

April 2013 "All Yours"

14 years of dreaming, 3 years of hard work and 150 solitary days at sea - that is Sagarparikrama 2. If you miss the daily position reports, have been touched by the boat and changed by the Mhadei in anyway, this is a must watch video. 

June 2018

Abhilash Tommy in happier times: "Live from Falmouth 10/06/2018"