Antoine left speechless

Monsieur Cousot explains pictorially his reasons for entering the race.


A professional sailor based in Noirmoutier, France.

Where he lives with his wife and three children.

Aged only 20 he crossed his first ocean on a sailboat.
Desiring to see for himself 

What lay on the other side of the horizon.

For more than 15 years, he travelled the world 

Leading a nomadic life full of experiences. 

Sailing the equivalent of three times around the world.

Delivering boats & skippering large luxury yachts.

From those luxury super yachts to old gaffer rigs, 

To the "batobus" in the heart of Paris

And even a submarine during his military service.

He certainly has acqired a wealth of knowledge.

Then aged 35 he found his way back to his studies
Taking  distance learning courses at The Open University in England and then at Harvard, USA.

After achieving a Master of Earth Sciences

Antoine moved to Scandinavia 

Working for the Danish giant Maersk.for 8 years.

In 2015 after hearing of the Golden Globe race 

He ended an international career 

In order to realize his dream...

Going around the world solo 

With no stop and no assistance..

Passionate about the sea, he travels the oceans 

With a desire to explore, learn and share.

He is an avid reader.

Literature has influenced his philosophy of life at sea.
Both Bernard Moitessier and Alain Gerbault 

In particular have nourished his passion for the sea.

The GGR is the ultimate challenge for this sailor.

He purchased the first Alan Hill designed Biscay 36 

Which was built by The Falmouth Boat Co in 1975.
She was returned last winter for a 9-month refit

And relaunched in May renamed Goldstar.

Ready for a 2,000 mile solo qualification cruise 

From the Vendée to the Azores and back.
Before returning to Falmouth 

To make final preparations for the Race.

He is using this campaign to launch the 

Antoine Cousot scholarship fund 

With the Open University.
Their goal to raise £1m to inspire people 

And change 50 lives through education.

Marking both the 50th anniversary of the University 

And the return of the GOLDEN GLOBE RACE