If the date & country is wrong it's hard to keep-up

Next year is the 50th anniversary 


In celebration of the anniversary 

Numerous events are taking place 

Both in the UK and worldwide.

30 sailors, 30,000 miles, non-stop, alone, unaided

In honour of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston 

And his historic 1968/69

First solo non-stop circumnavigation

A new Golden Globe Race will be staged 

Marking the 50th Anniversary of that epic race.

Events commence in Falmouth on the 14th June

With a "Parade Of Sail"

Marking the 50th anniversary 

of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston's victory.

This will consist of the 30 participating skippers. 

And hundreds of visiting yachts in Falmouth harbour.

Accompanied by many historic yachts including 

Sir Francis Chichester's famous Gipsy Moth IV.

And a replica of Sir Chay Blyth's yacht Dytiscus III. 

With pride of place going to a full restored Suhaili

The evening will conclude with a gala dinner.

Hosted by the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club.

The following day will see the SITraN Challenge 

A charity race from Falmouth to Plymouth.

The Race Village is open from 15th June till 30th June 

And entry is free.

Over 350,000 visitors are anticipated.

Numerous events & attractions will be taking place

The fortnight the village is open will see it host 

The famous Plymouth Jazz and Blues Festival.

The start of the race on Saturday 30th June 

Coincides with Plymouth Armed Forces Day.

So there will be plenty to keep visitors occupied.

Both before and after the race itself has started. 

Armed Forces Day has a spectacular programme.

With the entertainment including 

Air displays, parades, and demonstrations.

With competitions and activities for all the family.

200 The number of individuals to have sailed solo around Cape Horn and other Great Capes in the Southern Ocean.

This compares to almost 700 astronauts who have been shot into Space !!!