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Kon-Tiki Official Theatrical Trailer (2013) - Oscar Nominated Film HD

The Tangaroa Expedition (The Kon-Tiki Expedition) 2012 Docum


All his life, Olav Heyerdahl had heard the stories of his grandfather: of how he crossed the Pacific in 1947 on a primitive raft made of balsa wood. Now at last, he got to experience it first hand.

As a tribute to his grandfather and the original Kon-tiki expedition, Olav and his team built a new raft in Peru and sailed it all the way to Raiatea in French Polynesia. When they arrived on the 24th of July 2006, after four months at sea, over a thousand people greeted them 

"Kon-Tiki" the scholarly view

 Scholars have long debated the possibility of long distance travel between continents and its impact on the development of cultures. Similarities between specific objects or complexes of cultural traits often lead to hypotheses about the dating, nature, and direction of journeys, and the identification of possible colonists. In this lecture, Dr. Erickson discusses Thor Heyerdahl's mid-20th-Century proposal of a bold experiment to show that South Americans could have colonized Pacific Islands us

"Maiden" is back in the water

Tracy Edwards and "Maiden" are about to embark on a new voyage. This time round it's not a race "Maiden" is embarking on a 3 year voyage to raise funds for charity."Maiden" and the crew will be at the Southampton Boat Show on the 22nd September. 

 Taking of Tracy Edwards & "Maiden here's a video from her circumnavigation 4 years ago. Maiden carried the first all female crew to sail around the world when they raced in the 1989/90 Whitbread Round the World Race. 

Laura Dekker & "Guppy"

Around the world solo and still only SIXTEEN !!!

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston in Falmouth harbour
Having a light-hearted chat with Antoine Cousot & Nabil Amra
About the perils of running out of cigarettes
And how by chance they have both the first and last
Biscay 36 ever built 


3 Amigos 

Neree  Cornuz, 

     Patrick Phelippon & Francesco Cappelletti  in Marina di Pisa, Italy ( 1min 12sec )

"The 3 Amigos" Neree Cornuz, Patrick Phelippon & Francesco Cappelletti in Marina di Pisa, Italy ( 1min 12sec ) (mp4)