The Longitude Problem has perplexed navigators and scientists for centuries. This is an exploration of the many solutions ( good and bad ) that have been tried throughout history. 

The Harrison Clock

The perfect gift for any sailor interested in maritime history.

Of international scientific importance, the Harrison Clock is only one of only three precision pendulum clocks made by John Harrison and instrumental in solving the Longitude problem. 

The clock was made in 1727 with an amazing fully working wooden mechanism. 

Plans are in place to display it as part of an interpretive display at Leeds City Museum. 

If you would like one they are ONLY 


No GPS ?

If like the GGR skippers you find yourself without GPS and wondered how real sailors used to navigate..... 

How to use a sextant

Harvard Professor John Huth, who teaches a "Primitive Navigation" course, demonstrates how to use a sextant. 

The video is part of the "Finding Our Way: Exploring Human Navigation" exhibition at Harvard's Collections of Scientific Instruments.

How to navigate by the sun

Learn how to find south, your latitude, and your longitude with only a few household items and some know how