Plotting his course

In this video Istvan explains how he has planned his course for the Golden Globe Race



 A Hungarian born American who has been a professional sailor and US Coastguard licensed captain for decades.
In the process logging more than 60,000 nautical miles solo..

In 1991 he completed a one-stop solo circumnavigation.
Which could be considered as a trial run for the GGR.
As he relied on a sextant and manual chart plotting,
With even his weather forecasts broadcast in Morse code.Even so he Completed the voyage in record time for the class of his self-built 31 foot yacht.Other landmarks include in 1995 winning the Kapry’s Trophy
And skippering the winning yacht in the 1996/97 Hong Kong Challenge round the world yacht race.


He is racing in a 1986 built Tradewind 35 Puffin.
Which he bought in 2015 to refit for the GGR.

He says of the GGR: 

“This race custom-made for me".

His hero and role model is Joshua Slocum.
The first recorded solo circumnavigator.
Saying "He was the real deal"

Istvan compares competitors in the Vendee Globe or Volvo races to astronauts with their reliance on technology.
Saying that 

"There is still a place for optimists during our upbringing and training period".

"And for the very same reason we need races like the GGR".

"It has a mission, in my view.
One of our responsibilities is to maintain our heritage
and seamanship,. 

As well as to increase the number of
self-sufficient, independent,
and consequently happy people in the world.” 

Why enter the golden globe race?