Ahto Valter one of the the pioneers of transatlantic sailing

Estonian Ahto Valter

Between 1930 to 1937 

Ahto crossed the Atlantic five times. 

The trips aroused the media attention on both sides of the ocean.

In the process he broke existing the speed record.

Despite marrying the daughter of a wealthy American in 1938 

Ahto announced that he plans to fulfil finally the biggest dream of his life

"To sail around the globe"...

A dramatic story of a man who overcomes a shipboard, accidents at sea and the beginning of a war. 

Everything to fulfil his dream 

Speed Machines - Cutty Sark & the Great Clippers

They were fast and sleek and 150 years ago the great tea clippers ruled the waves. 

Battling the elements, they raced to deliver their valuable cargo from China to the fashionable tea drinking sets in London. 

Joshua Slocum : Sailing Alone Around the World

Joshua Slocum ( 1844 – 1909 ) 

Was the first man to sail single-handedly around the world. 

He was a Nova-Scotian born, naturalized  American seaman and adventurer. 

He was also a noted writer. 

In 1900 he wrote a book about his journey 

Sailing Alone Around the World, Which became an international best-seller. 

He disappeared in November 1909 while aboard his boat, the Spray

5 Biggest & Magnificent Sailing Ships

Ships with sails were the vogue in the bygone days. 

Technology in the form of engines surpassed these marine marvels, with better speed and thereby higher efficiency. 

However, even though their utility value diminished their novelty and uniqueness still continues to linger on. 

Over the years, many replicas of sailing ships have been created. 

Some of these replicas are used as cruise vessels while some just provide a feel of the years long gone by

The Windjammers

They were the heirs to the majestic clippers.

The last and most glorious of all commercial sailing ships. 

With their acres of canvas, towering masts and vast holds, they were true giants of the ocean. But all the size and grace in the world could not prevent the coming of steam, and these massive ships had a short commercial life. 

Sailing on the clyde 1930's

Classic yachts sailing on the Clyde in the 1930's

Featuring Thendara, Iyruna, Audifax Shamrock V, Tigris, Panope and Veronica the original Royal Yacht.

Some nice views if you can bear the sound of the bagpipes.