"Captain Ellen"

After posting Izabel Pimentel's video 

Featuring a cameo from this cute sailor

I've had so many people asking the feline's name 

So I can exclusively reveal the cat is called Ellen

Named in Honour of Dame Ellen McArthur

And Izabel kindly sent me this special video



Carl Huber told me 

That after he bought "Jamma Jeanne" his "Baba 35"

It hasn't all been “plain sailing”

Returning to his boat after a few weeks
He discovered a mother duck on deck and ten eggs in her nest. 


So he is now working around his “adopted” family.
And looking forward to seeing them eventually swim away.

Already planning to remove the teak decks,
Carl now has another consideration
As the 11 ducks don't know how to use the head !!!