Abhilash Cape horn 2013

On India's Republic Day 2013 

Lt Cdr Abhilash Tomy rounded Cape Horn

The Mt Everest of sailing

At the southernmost tip of South America

Where he hoisted the Indian national flag at sea

At the farthest spot away from India. 

This was a world first

And was part of Tomy's extraordinary solo, unassisted, nonstop circumnavigation of the world's oceans. 

Neree Cornuz interview

Neree kindly sent me this recent video of him being interviewed

Abhilash Tomy ( 2013 Lecture )

The charming Lt Cdr Abhilash Tomy 

Delivers a monologue on his adventure.

This serving Indian Navy Officer was the first Indian and the 79th person in the world to perform a successful solo and nonstop circumnavigation of the globe under sail.  

Susie Goodall looks forward to 2018

Susie describes the challenges awaiting her. 

With introductions from the 

2018 Race Organiser Don McIntyre & 

1968 Race Winner Sir Robin Knox-Johnston


Interviews & videos of Brazil's Izabel Pimentel

The interviews may be in Portuguese

But the stunning videos need no translation.

Abhilash Tomy interview Pt 1 ( 7min 30 )

Part One of an interview with Abhilash

On the 31st May 2013

Abhilash Tomy interview pt 2 ( 11min 14 )

The second part of the 2013 interview

Kevin farebrother


29,000 feet up & 29,000 miles around

As if the race isn't enough 

This Manchester born Ex-23 Sas soldier

Plans to extend his voyage after the finishing line

In order to complete 29,000 miles by sea

This is after he has scaled the 29.000 ft to Everest's summit.

For the FOURTH time.


This is Kevin's story in his own words

Of the many sayings we hear throughout our lives 

That give us inspiration to step out of our comfort zone 

And try new things .
I think the one that suits me best is,

 "you're never more alive than when your nearly dead" 

Coming from a humble background in Manchester, England 

Mount Everest was never part of the equation in the early days. 

But after a not so successful stint at grammar school 

I found myself in the British Army 

Eventually serving with the special forces in 23 SAS.


This cemented my love for the outdoors. 

And gave me a lot of the skills required 

To navigate and survive in the mountains .

I discovered that pushing myself to my limits.

Both mentally and physically was what I enjoyed. 

So mountaineering it was that ticked all the boxes.

After many climbs 

Denali in Alaska , the Matterhorn, the Eiger,

Mont Blanc, Ama Dablam and Island peak.

To name a few 

And a few courses in Canada and New Zealand. 

Everest did creep into the equation.

And in 2011 I stood on top of the world for the first time ...

But as usual that wasn't enough 

I had to try without supplemental oxygen.

And in 2013 Imade that attempt ...

I stood on the summit again but I had used oxygen.

So its still on the endless list

In 2016 I stood on the top for a third time.

Having guided two people to the summit for Adventures Global.

One of the Everest guiding companies.

While all this was going on 

And trying to hold down my job as a Firefighter. 

A friend of mine sent me an email saying this is for you. 

" The Golden Globe race 2018 "

A re-creation of the first ever around the world yacht race ... 

A solo , non stop , unassisted circumnavigation of the globe. 

Using celestial navigation only .

Through some of the most treacherous seas on the planet.

And without modern technology !!

So of course he knew I would bite 

And here I am preparing for the Golden Globe Race 2018 ...

I have been sailing for five years 

But this is way out of my depth but that's how I like it .......

" Your never more alive than when your nearly dead"

To put it in perspective. 

More people summit Mount Everest in one season 

Than have ever circumnavigated the Globe 

Solo non stop and unassisted !!

Expedition organising has become my passion 

And having recently become an Ambassador for
Macpac Outdoor Clothing and Equipment 

I'm excited about the future.

I've found that inspiring people. 

And helping them achieve their dreams 

Is just as satisfying as achieving my own ...

I'm always planning the next adventure.....
Which is 29000ft up and 29000miles around
A summit of Mount Everest followed by the GGR 

All within one year

The hard work is about to start ... 

Having sailed my Tradewind from Sydney to Perth 

She's out on the hard stand 

Awaiting as big a refit as I can afford . 

The plan is to have her tried and tested before January.

Then ship her to the UK ready for the start in June .

I will attempt Everest in April/May 

Start the race in June and hopefully finish March 2019 or before

While the boat is being prepared 

It's important for me to prepare mentally ..

In the mountains it's as mental as physical. 

But in the case of the GGR it's more about your mental strength ! 

To be alone for 9 months at sea is as hard as it gets ....

My sailing experience compared to the other contestants,.

Is somewhat lacking 

But my ability to endure the elements is as strong as ever ! 

I'm hoping this is what will get me through 




Some cute and cuddly photo's & videos of the skipper's "shipmates"


Some inspiring videos from the past


Some examples of Publisher Forward Move's recent publications 

Including a downloadable version of "Waterloo 200"


AMC SALES & MARKETING Portfolio of previous advertising clients


Sir Robin Knox-Johnston in Falmouth harbour
Having a light-hearted chat with Antoine Cousot & Nabil Amra
About the perils of running out of cigarettes
And how by chance they have both the first and last
Biscay 36 ever built  


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