johua slocum: new world columbus


The Extraordinary Life and Epic Journey of Joshua Slocum

This is a different and shorter history of sailing pioneer Joshua Slocum

Joshua Slocum

Sailing Alone Around The World ( 44min 41 )

A long time ago on a continent far, far away.....

A video of Sir Ernest Shackleton's Ill-fated Trans-Antarctic Expedition

Donald Crowhurst

Perhaps some lazy Sunday afternoon viewing 

A Donald Crowhurst Documentary 

Worthwhile if you have the time ( 29min 50 ) Apologies for the advertising 

Not Guilty, as contrary to some rumours 

I wasn't around then to sell it

Bernard Moitessier & Joshua 37,000 miles later

Explaining in his own words

Why he sailed on to Tahiti

Instead of heading North for Europe 

Where trophies, fame and fortune awaited 

Saying he was 

"happy at sea and wanted to save my soul" 

Donald Crowhurst Argentina 1969 ( 3min 16 )

A clip from the 2007 film Deep Water

Showing where Donald Crowhurst 

Made landfall in Argentina 

During his ill fated participation in the 

"Sunday Times Golden Globe Race"

Sir Francis Chichester ( 3min 13 )

Sir Francis Chichester arrives in Plymouth 

After his 1967 circumnavigation .

Although more widely known for  sailing

His was the first solo flight across the Tasman Sea From East to West ( New Zealand to Australia ) 

Flying a de havilland Gipsy Moth

So now you know