francesco cappelletti


Living in the beautiful Marina di Pisa, 

Francesco  is a professional Ocean Yacht Master

He has delivered yachts throughout the Mediterranean 

And across the Atlantic

He is also a successful sailing instructor and charter skipper. 


On learning of next year's Golden Globe Race

"I found myself thinking how important accounts from the original Sunday Times Golden Globe Race have been during my training as a seaman.

I used to sail without an autopilot, or electrical instruments 

With only a Tilley storm-lamp as my light source.

Sailing round the world alone in this basic way 

Is a must-do-in-lifetime goal.

I see the 2018 GGR 

As a chance to pay tribute to my core passion for the sea.“ 



He has announced “007” an Endurance 35" 

As his choice for the race. 

Mini Biographies Page 1

Nabil Amra


An American based Palestinian.

who works as a foreign exchange trader.

He is racing Ele May his Biscay 36  yacht.

Currently being prepared for the race.

By builders the Falmouth Boat Company.

Last year sailing a catamaran with a friend.

They Crossed the Caribbean 

And traversed the Panama Canal.

And buying his own blue-water boat.

"My saltwater journey is just beginning. 

Now I’m preparing to start a new chapter

That has more to do with adventure.

The race came along at just the right time To turn a daydream into reality".

Saying sailing under the Palestinian flag

Would represent his people 

Who have had little to be cheery about for a long time.. 

Mark Slats


He has already completed a solo circumnavigation in 2014/2015

In the 46ft Cornelian

Designed by Alan Buchanan 

Mark was born in Australia

Moving aged 8 to the Netherlands.

Buying the first Rustler 36 ever built

Which in May he sailed from Scotland Crossing the North Sea to Wassenaar 

Where it will be slipped 

Only a 100m from his home..

Refitting is being overseen 

By Dutch naval architect Dick Kopmans

If the race wasn't enough

Mark is also competing in December's Talisker Transatlantic Rowing Challenge.
“I’m out training 4 hours each day

The rest planning for these two events”

Are Wiig


The experienced Norwegian has been sailing for over four decades. 

And is both a trained engineer 

and yacht surveyor.

Surprisingly for such a seafaring nation
Are will be the first Norwegian to complete a circumnavigation with his OE32 class yacht named Olleannato. 

He finished 2nd in the 1988 OSTAR with his 30ft yacht Granada 


Quoted as saying: 

“The Golden Globe is a dream come true.”

Are's dedication to the race is such 

that he and his wife Idrun 

have sold their house to fund his entry.

If you would like to support them

Where in return for your donation 

you will receive
Anything from a signed copy of the book of his adventure
To an invitation to participate 

in one of his radio sessions 

which are taking place during the race.